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  • Stainless Steel Oil Filler Tube Installation

    To install the tube is a relatively easy process, but we do have a few recommendations that will help speed up / smooth the process.

    First, take the stainless steel tube and put it in your freezer overnight. Next, remove the stock tube by gently twisting it in opposite directions and wiggling it until the tube comes free. Use a rag with some mild cleaner and clean off any residue / debris / dirt that surrounds the oil filler tube opening.

    Then, after the stainless tube has sat overnight, remove from the freezer and immediately go to your engine. The process of freezing it will help it shrink a miniscule amount, but just enough to make it easy. Set the tube into the opening and push it down as far as you can. If it is still tight, you can use a block of wood on top of it with a rubber mallet and gently tap it down until it seats.

    Now you can either let it adjust to room temp, or you can start the engine and allow it to heat up. This will let the stainless steel expand and it should create a tight fit.

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    You can also try warming up your engine first and then installing the frozen tube in the warm engine, the warm engine expands and the cold tube shrinks which might make it easier to go in...