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  • Carpet Colors!

    Here are some better pictures of the stock carpet colors for some of the FSJ's. I will try to list the years where I can. This is by no means guaranteed the only colors that were probably available. This is just what the carpet company lists. The numbers of the colors listed are not OEM numbers, these are the numbers you would use if you were to order the carpet kit from us. If you want a picture of any other color, let me know. Thanks!

    1974-1991 Black 801

    1974-1991 Dark Gray 807

    1984-1991 Almond 1251

    1984-1991 Caramel #854 (beware on this one as the piping around it is a orange even though the color is very close to the 1251 Almond above)

    1984-1991 Oxblood/Burgundy 875

    1984-1986 Blue 7766

    1984-1986 Medium Gray 857

    1974-1986 Nutmeg 8296

    1974-1986 Oxblood 4305

    1974-1983 Federal Blue 839

    1974-1983 Ocean Blue 818

    1981-1983 Saddle 7769

    1974-1978 Saddle 820

    1974-1977 Jade Green 849

    1977-1978 Dark Blue 819

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    Cargo Carpet

    I'm interested in buying your cargo carpet for my 89 GW but I only want it if it is the "shag" type that looks like the original material. Do you have original appearing carpet and if so, which type should I buy? Thx


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      Similar question, what's the difference b/t the cut pile and the 80/20 loop?

      And the polyethylene vs. mass backing please?


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        80/20 is a blend of fibers that is looped over (similar to what you'd find in a early 70's muscle-car). The cut-pile is basically a loop that has the loop cut out (think more modern car-style). Polyethylene backing is a thin plastic material used to keep the carpet together, while the mass backing is a rubber like material.

        Here is a description from the carpet mfg website:

        Poly Backing:

        Poly back is a lightweight polyethylene adding moldability

        Mass Backing:

        Ethylene vinyl acetate 40mil thick. It adds moldability, sound deadening, and insulation.
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          Resurrection. I *think* my cab is an 85 but could be 81. It's a mutt of J-trucks and Wagoneers spanning 76-85. Some pics for comparison, would I be looking at nutmeg or saddle for mine? I'm guessing nutmeg. I realize b/t the cell phone camera and monitors there can be a pretty good difference in actual color.

          Also, what all comes in the box?