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  • 1974 J 10 gauge prob.

    I started up my truck it runs but. All my gauges went all the way to the right. The gauges will not light up. Both turn signals light up instead.The gauges did come back down to where they should be. The parking lights, side marker lights and ones on dash all flash when I put on turn signal. Head lights ok tailights looked ok. Any help out there???

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    you have a short or a spike somewhere. First thing is to have your alt tested. Then, start chasing down circuits to see where the problem is.


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      Ok thanks Ryan I wasn't sure where to start. I have to hunt it down, this should be fun......


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        There is a device an the back of the gauge panel above the Temp gauge. Its a voltage regulator. It provides power to the Temp, Fuel and Oil pressure gauges. If it opens none of the gauges will work. If it were to short out the gauges display would shift around a lot and not be to accurate . The Fuel gauge would move towards full and empty as the gas moved around the tank. The oil pressure would be moving up and down and shaking. Then as the thermostat opened up the temp would drop and then rise when it closed. The regulator gives you a smother response to sensors at the gauges.
        Now, why did your gauges all move to one side? Not sure since each gauge is basically a volt meter.
        They measure the voltage drop across a variable resistor.
        None of the input are tied together.
        It could be if the regulator were shorted for to long of a moment, the oil pressure sender at max the temp is shorted for a moment and a full tank of fuel the gauges would all go to the right.

        Your light problem. The circuit board on the back of the dash has a Black 5 connector socket. It plugs into 4 pins on the circuit board. Mine only has three wires inserted into the socket. one wire is black and I believe its the ground. Its the ground for the signal lights and for the dash lights. Without the ground it may be possible to back feed the signal lights when you turn on the head/parking lights. Causing weird things to happen.

        I have a 1974 J10 truck. There is a ground wire to the frame near each tail light. There are ground wires screwed to the body of the truck behind the head light.grill area. There is no ground on the fuel tank. I added a ground on the plate where the fuel tank sender comes out of the tank, tied it to the bracket that holds the vent tube welded to the tank, and then ran a wire from the vent tube bracket to the frame of the truck. This ensures a good ground. My fuel gauge works great.

        When Jeep put the truck together they expected the metal clamp that holds in the fuel line and sender to be a good ground. They expected the strap to also be a good ground. These things rust and resistance builds to a point where to much voltage drop develops and the gauge no longer reads.


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          I took apart the Jeep and took the gauge cluster out. I checked over all the bulbs(all ok), took cluster apart and glued two loose lenses. Then checked over the wires(all looked good) and found a ground wire not grounded. While I had it all out I replaced the headlight switch. I thought maybe was the switch and didn't want to go back in if so. I put it all back together and it's all working like it should.