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  • Rear Disc Brake Conversion Kit Installation

    1. Remove the axles to take the backing plates off.
    2. Install the axles with the spacer plates.
    3. Install the base brackets with the caliper towards the rear. If the stock retainer will not slide far enough to get our bracket in, remove the stock retainer. Our bracket holds the bearing in. Use the spacer plate to take the place of the backing plate. Use the 3/8 X 2 bolts, flat washers, lock washers, and nuts. The bracket has 2 positions use the one that lets the caliper clear the best. The rear parking brake calipers have their bleed screw in the 90-degree position and the front calipers have the bleed screw in the 45-degree position. Bolt the top bracket to the base with the spacers between. (The Bracket is spaced to the inside of the vehicle away from the rotor. Use more or less spacers to move the top to the correct position.) (45 ft. lbs. dry 30 ft. lbs. Lubed)
    4. Install the rotors, making sure the surfaces that meet are clean with no projections that would make the rotors wobble, and hold in place with a couple of wheel nuts.
    5. Rotate the rotors and check for wobble, if there is any, check for interference in the mating surfaces, if not then the axle and rotor bolted together should be faced to true up. Mark the position that it is bolted to the axle so that it can be reinstalled the same way if the rotors are ever removed.
    6. Install the calipers so that the bleed screw is facing up, if it is facing down use the other caliper. Make sure the projections on the bottom of the calipers don't touch the bracket.
    7. Use a flexible brake line to each caliper as they move with pad wear and when the brakes are applied.
    8. Bleed the brakes and try out. If the back wheels skid before the fronts you should install a disc/disc proportioning valve or an adjustable proportioning valve to reduce the pressure to the rear brakes
    The kits are available here:


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