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  • Bad Starter Switch/cylinder?

    OK... I havent been on for a long time ... so welcome back me lol

    I havent driven my jeep in about 5 or 6 months (I was driving a company vehicle all that time).. anyway, the battery was dead, and the electric fuel pump was dead. I just changed out the fuel pump and charged the battery and she started right up
    ....The Problem......
    The ignition switch had been giving me problems before, but now it is kind of jammed, I think in the "ON" position but she wont engage the solenoid.
    How hard is this to fix and what do I need to do?
    The steering column is from my old 76 Wagoneer.

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    And how do you get the cylinder out and the new one in?


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      the cylinder requires you to disassemble the top of the column. You'll pull the wheel, etc., and there is a little rectangular opening that is typically covered with excess flashing. You insert a flathead screwdriver into the hole, punch out the flashing, and continue to hit the release tab for the cylinder, and it slides right out.


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        Thanks Ryan.
        I looked up the part on line, Pep Boy said they had one for $16. I went down there and of course they were out of stock and said they couldnt get them any more, so I go to another place and they have one in stock for $79.
        Thats a huge difference. So I finally found one for $30, that is do-able.


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          cylinder wasnt really the problem

          The real problem is the little gear that pulls out the lever (like rack and pinion) has a missing tooth and it makes everything fall out of sequence.
          anyone know where I can get one of these or should I just bypass the whole system and put in a push button start switch?


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            we also sell them here:

            For the gear, you'd have to get that used. Try Jakes at 828.675.0579.