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  • Electrical issues

    I have a 1989 grand wagoneer with an 83 AMC 360. I was under the assumption that my alternator was not working and the waggy was running off what juice was available in the battery. So I re-charged my battery and went to install it when as im doing so the positive cable starts frying something between the starter and what im assuming is the ignition relay(small metal/silver plastic box with around four wires going to it sitting on the passenger side inner fender well). So now all I get when I turn the key is the sound of the starter motor but no crank and the wipers turn on by themselves. Any thoughts?
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    you have a wire grounding somewhere most likely


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      Thanks ryan. I did track it down to a loose connection between the starter and the starter relay. Im thinking that at some point im going to have to replace the wiring and put a new harness in. I looked at the 21 circuit harness your company offers. Im fairly novice when it comes to electrical so Im confused about a pre-terminated fuse block?


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        it just means that it comes with a fuse box that is already connected to all the wires. The kit is universal, meaning it fits any make / model, and you simply cut off & solder on the existing ends (for example, your tail lights: you cut the wires a few inches from the socket, and solder them to the wires labelled left tail or right tail).